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Who Are We?

A state of the art practice with first class premises, equipment and staff.

Canberra Specialist Ultrasound provides a service of exceptional quality which is of the highest standard for both patients and referrers.

There are varying levels of standards in ultrasound equipment that can be used. Much like your camera, they can also have a varied result on resolution (or detail) of the anatomy being viewed. Compromising on equipment can often compromise on the quality. Canberra Specialist Ultrasound continues to invest in state-of-the-art equipment, and ongoing staff training and professional development, to ensure each patient receives the highest quality service and exceptional patient care.

Our Values

Service Provision Excellence
To deliver a service that is the best possible. Mediocrity in patient care and service is not
to be tolerated.
Conduct throughout the organisation is to be
of the highest ethical and morale standards.
Respect, Courtesy and Honesty
Respect, courtesy and honesty for others are the foundation of the work place and the organisation.
Wise Stewardship of Resources
To always act in a manner which maximises
value & benefit from all entrusted resources.


CSU received three awards in the Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine (ASUM) annual Honours and Awards Program, 2013.

Sonologist of the Year – Dr Wes Cormick

This award recognises a Sonologist who strives for professional excellence, expressing their personal desire and passion for advancement in their profession.

Tutor of the Year Award

Recognised for commitment to teaching and excellence in the professional development of their students.

Employer of the Year

We are very humbled to have been awarded Employer of the Year … for the second year in a row!

Meet the Team

We bring together a nationally and internationally renowned team of highly experienced doctors and medical imaging professionals from across the country to create a caring and dedicated environment.

Rob McGregor

AMS, DMU, DMU (Vascular)

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Lisa Hicks


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Geordanna Morris

BA, BSc, MSc, GradDipMedSon

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Melissa Farfan

BMedRad (Diag Radiog), DMU

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Kim Lipman


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Peter Preston

BAppSc(MRS)NucMed, GradDipMedSon

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