ABI/PRP Injection

To ‘kick-start’ the healing response


Advice following your ultrasound guided Autologous Blood Injection (ABI) or Platelet Rich Plasma (P.R.P.) Injection.

We have performed this procedure because you have had an injury to a muscle or tendon that has not healed properly by itself. This injury has resulted in degeneration of your muscle or tendon and is what we call a ‘failed healing response’ because the normal healing process has burnt out and stopped.

The procedure involves injecting some of your own blood products into the affected area. The aim of this is to allow the natural healing factors that already exist in your own blood to be selectively introduced into the problematic area to ‘kick-start’ the healing response.


No special preparation is required. Any medication you normally take should be continued.

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Over the next 5 days:

Follow up

  • Expect a mild increase in pain symptoms
  • Use paracetamol for pain relief as required
  • Do not use anti-inflammatories (eg. Nurofen, Voltaren)
  • Compress the area with a compression bandage or garment if possible
  • Ice as required (15 mins every 2 hours)
  • Modified rest:
    • You can perform your normal daily activities
    • Do not perform any high intensity or dynamic exercises
    • Do not perform any hard/deep stretches
    • Listen to your body and avoid activities which cause increased pain in the area
See your referring Doctor or Physiotherapist in 1-2 weeks for rehabilitation advice to normalise your injury.
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